Having launched back in 2016, SEASON Zine took the football world by storm with its edgy, modern approach to footy magazines. Now in its fourth year, and still with stickers in each issue, MODAN’s Editor, AJ, spoke to the Milan-based Editor at Large, Naomi Accardi…

SEASON Zine is a breath of fresh air when it comes to football media. How would you describe the magazine? It is a trailblazing football and fashion platform that launched in 2016 to counter the male, pale and sometimes stale state of modern football culture. 

It has a more feminine take on football mixing style with sport. Has working for SEASON stemmed from something personal to you? Absolutely. The reason why I joined SEASON and the trigger that pushed me to reach out to Felicia in the first place – our founder and Editor in Chief – back when the magazine started was because finally I had found something that merged both of my worlds and really spoke to me.

I grew up in a football household but never really cared for the sport until later as my first passion was fashion. As I built my creative career in that industry, which may seem so far away from football but it truly is not, I had the opportunity to start exploring the cultural side of the game thanks to Mundial magazine and was able to express my experience with the game through a lifestyle lens. This is 6 years ago now, and lots has changed since then, but with SEASON I had the chance to connect with other women that appreciate football and all that comes with it from a more relaxed perspective, and really show that anybody can be a real fan or appreciate this sport.

You’re the Editor at Large. How did this job come about? I was asked to join as Editor at Large in 2018 after having contributed to the magazine in one of the earlier issues, as I had an international background and experience in writing about football culture and art direction/production due to my “day job” in brand marketing. It happened over dinner at Hoi Polloi in London. Great moment!

I don’t see myself as a ‘female’ fan. I am a fan. Period.

What does this entail on a day-to-day basis? It must be fun surrounding yourself with kick-ass female football fans. On a daily basis it means lots of group chat messages from all the girls in our team, and being constantly on the lookout for incredible stories that need to be voiced, as well as having the chance to connect with the incredible people that make up the international football community. 

Have any reactions to the zine shocked you in anyway – good or bad? Shocked I wouldn’t say. I am pretty cynical towards everything so I always think we can do better. However, I am excited and flattered each time we receive spontaneous pitches from talented people. 

When it comes to supporting football yourself, how do you feel as a female fan in a male dominated sport? Honestly, I don’t see myself as a “female” fan. I am a fan, period. It’s male dominated only because it’s a sport ruled by money and it requires lots of sacrifice and harsh conditions. People complain players get paid a lot but really, how many people would give up partying, drinking and eating whatever they want when they want and train twice a day? Same on the terraces, how many of us want to stand on the stands under rain, snow, wind, and blazing hot sun? I don’t feel any different than a male fan or any man at that. I will be out supporting as far as I can bear with the conditions around me. For me, football is one of the few sports, if not the only one, that puts everybody on the same level so I feel great about it. 

Have you ever had any men talk down to you, or has it been largely positive? The only negative experience I have had is when I have to fight people for the racist slur they throw at the players. Other than that, I have always had only positive experiences.

So come on then, who’s your team and why? Until recently I would have                           answered FC Inter. It was passed down to me by my father and it’s also the team where my brother started his career. But to be frank, that would not be an honest answer anymore. I support my brother’s team, Bologna, because he plays there not for any other reason. I am a fan of the game, I don’t really pledge allegiance to any club – I am like that in everyday life too. I cannot be defined by anything. I don’t belong to any clique or crew, brand or anything.

I am a fan of the game, I don’t really pledge allegiance to any club – I am like that in everyday life too

Who would you have in your fantasy starting 11? Buffon, Adriano, Ronaldo – the only Ronaldo that exists for me, not Cristiano – Batistuta, Totti, Evra, Maldini, Mbappè, Weah, Balottelli, Zola. Surely am missing some positions but these are the ones I would like to meet!

You seem like such a creative person. What do you do other than SEASON? To be quite fair, I don’t know how to label what I do. I have a background in visual communications and brand marketing, with a focus on special projects and creative strategy. Over the last decade I have changed lots of jobs and tried everything within the creative realm. Currently I am freelancing doing strategy for a bunch of brands but I am really trying to get out of fashion and more into culture and food. Let’s see where life takes me.

Anything you’d like to add? Don’t be afraid to be who you are when it comes to football, fashion or anything. Football is for everybody, even if you don’t know the offside rule, as long as the interest is genuine. 

Photography by Glauco Canalis


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