The popularity of K beauty has boomed over the past couple of years, and for good reason, too. Whether it’s through cute themed face masks or pricey spa treatments, Korean skincare has been in demand throughout the UK.

Taking their inspiration from the Korean-born Hydrodermabrasion, K FACIAL have launched a line that implements the key areas of a Korean spa treatment, one of them being the Hydrafacial, known to cleanse, extract blackheads and excess sebum, whilst hydrating the skin.

K FACIAL Steamer

The products include a face steamer (£149) which uses nano-ionic technology to steam the face opening up pores and hydrating the skin. This helps products to get deeper into the skin, something that may benefit those suffering from blackheads.

Aqua Facial Machine

The K FACIAL aqua facial machine (£130) claims to be the only at home device available. Because the pores have been opened due to the steamer, this handy tool helps to suck unwanted grime from the skin, as well as helping the skin tone and texture. Great for if you want that after facial glow.

Ice Roller

The ice roller (£29) cools the skin after the first two steps, but is also great on tired, puffy under eyes. When left in the fridge (or the freezer for a couple of hours), the roller gently moves over the skin, reducing puffiness and irritation.

Sonic Facial Sculptor

Indeed, at first glance the sonic facial sculptor (£69) may have a similarity to a certain phallic shape… but don’t be put off! Its aim is to lift, contour and massage the face with its shape and 6000 vibrations. The use of micro-currents via two sculpted roller balls will, hopefully, lift and contour your face after continued use.

We’re excited to see what else K FACIAL become inspired by in the world of K beauty.


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