Since Animal Crossing was launched for the GameCube back in 2001, we have loved everything about it. From Tom Nook getting us into large amounts of debt, to villagers saying the most hurtful of things. Seriously, amazing!

Even to this day, we are spending the pandemic at home living through Animal Crossing New Horizons to keep us somewhat sane. It has been away for us to meet friends and also to keep our mind off the worry in the world.

It’s not unknown that even though we love the game – and have for years – it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t change a few things. How many do you agree with?

  • Not enough design slots – one of the great things about Animal Crossing is that you can create designs to use yourself, or search for designs across the globe from other users. With these designs, you can wear them or use them on items or your island (such as paths and blankets). It’s easy to use up all the design slots. Hopefully in an update they will increase this. Fingers crossed!
  • Villagers scripts aren’t versatile enough – In the game, there are several personality types and each have their own ways of speaking. Even so, it would be cool to have slightly different ‘cranky’ types. If you speak to one, and then another straight after, they may say the exact same thing.
  • Some items don’t stack up – When collecting items such as a fish or bug, they appear in your ‘pocket’ as one individual thing, rather than a stack unlike how turnips are when you buy them (stack of tens), or something like iron (stack of 30). To say how many sea bass we get each time we fish, it would be nice if they stacked up! Also would be great when you find tarantula island…
  • Tools in the pocket and the tool ring – So, it’s pretty cool when you get the tool ring. It means tools are accessed easier. However, they are still in your ‘pocket’ and this, again, takes up valuable space. The tool ring could have been like a tool belt, taking it away from your ‘pocket’ space.
  • Long dialogue – As an avid fan of the games, the over talking is something you get used to. It’s been so engrained into the game, that you expect it. If they were ever to change it, because you basically sit there and read repeated script, it would be handy if you could read it once and then never again. For example, when you are about to fly, the poor dodo asks so many things to make sure you’re ready to fly. AND WE KNOW WE HAVE A NOOK MILES TICKET IN OUR ‘POCKET’. Breathe.
  • Starter houses are boring – Now, there must be a reason why all starter villagers have plain and boring houses. If that same character moves in again later, their house will be fully kitted out with snazzy wallpaper and the like. Why is this?
  • Not being able to buy more than one of the same item in the clothes shop – When buying clothes in Ables, you can only buy one sweater, for example, rather than selecting more than one. So if you find yourself wanting to buy multiple sweaters, you have to buy, then leave the changing room, and then go back in again to buy the other one. Not really annoying, just time consuming!

There are probably a million and one other things, so do let us know. And just to clarify, we love the game *wipes sweat off brow*.


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