If, like me, you usually buy pre-gelled wax strips because you choose to remove body hair, then there might be a little anticipation about using something different.

Sugar Coated is a sugar wax vegan hair removal brand made in the UK who pride themselves as being ethically conscious, so provide reusable strips. Sugar wax is said to be more gentle, and easier to remove – especially if you know how difficult the wax is normally to get off the skin.

Having been founded by Rosie Khandwala, who first started using sugar waxing as a way to remove body hair when she lived by the Indian Ocean on the north-east coast of Tanzania, her development of the product has seen her work with The body Shop and launch her own brands.

Even to this day it is manufactured by the founder and her family, and they still believe in being eco-friendly. So, let’s see what it’s all about…

The cardboard packaging is cute and what I’d call ‘on-trend’. It features drawings related to what box you have, for example, the face waxing package has eye brows on it. Inside the box is a tub of sugar wax which is dark in colour, three wooden spatulas and a packet of strips which can be washed and reused.

It only takes 40 seconds whizzed in the microwave for the sugar wax (with lemongrass essential oil) to warm up and go gloopy enough to spread on the skin. After dipping the spatula in to the sugar wax, I applied it to my underarm hair in the direction of hair growth, followed by pressing a (cut to size) waxing strip over the top. The first thing I noticed after pulling it in a fast motion, not only did it take all the hair, it barely hurt. In comparison to a regular wax strip, it is such a difference.

I ended up not using much of the sugar wax meaning if you’re doing something like your underarms, it may last a while. I did have to warm it up for ten seconds when beginning my next underarm, but it is winter! The overall experience was positive, and has completely converted me to sugar wax.

Another bonus for me, was the fact it washes off with water. No more using baby oil to wipe it off and it still not leaving your skin. Washing the spatula and wax strip was a breeze too, and my underarms don’t feel sore at all.

The only issue I had was with the wax strips. If you go in a couple of times with one, the material started to fluff up a bit, and sometimes ended up on the sugar wax. This didn’t become too much of an issue because it only happened a couple of times, and you can easily wash it off and continue.

Products were sent to MODAN by PR. The opinions expressed in this article are that of the author’sWhat works for them, may not work for you. But it’s always fun giving a new product a go!

Images by AJ

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