Life is difficult enough without the pressure of having to lose weight after eating a lot of good food at Christmas, or feeling guilty for not staying off the booze during ‘dry January’.

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. The majority of us, excluding key workers, became less active as we were told to stay home and protect lives last March. This meant weight was bound to be piled on, and then Christmas festivities arrived early because we needed to cheer ourselves up – and it did. All those lights and familiar feelings of snuggling in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate. Bliss.

New year then whizzed by, followed by good intentions of exercising more, eating healthily and a million and one other things we think we should be doing to make ourselves better people health-wise. But it’s these things that can put a stress on our day-to-day, especially when once again we didn’t keep up with the targets we set.

It’s these things that can put a stress on our day-to-day, especially when once again we didn’t keep up with the targets we set

There is a feeling of disappointment that we put upon ourselves, and only ourselves, for not getting up to run on a cold, wet 6am mid-week morning. We have this idea in our head that if we don’t do it this once, we won’t do it next time. Ultimately, you might not be enjoying it but think that this is what you have to do to lose weight. Alternatively, you can look at more enjoyable things to get you active. Whether or not you want to lose weight, doing something fun can motivate you.

Whatever this year throws at you, just remember that the person who often makes you feel guilty about giving up or not reaching targets, is yourself. That could be telling yourself not to quit, even though you’re miserable, or scrolling through your Instagram feed and being told by fitness influencers why exercising 28283488593 times a week is good for you (and you’re lazy if you don’t).

Sometimes goals are further away than you expect, or it just isn’t the right time. Maybe you changed how you felt about something or decided to give up because you did’t have the time or the patience. It’s okay, and you probably already know that.

Be healthy, be happy. You’re doing just fine.


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