It’s easy to get sucked into other peoples lives over socials, in turn making yourself feel like, well, utter crap. From women taking selfies in nothing but their underwear whilst sucking in their gut, to people showcasing how awesome their homes are – it can be tough not to compare yourself to their supposed reality.

As we’re all aware, it’s not quite true to real life – we post what we want others to see and curate how we want them to see us – but it can still be difficult to not let it deceive us. We’ve put together a few easy and simple ways to get that self-confidence back, especially if you’re tired of staring at the same four walls this ‘Lockdown 3.0’.

1. Stop following accounts on social media that make you feel awful about yourself. If you scroll through your newsfeed and see posts that make you feel ashamed of your weight or you wished you looked like them – unfollow! It’s a downward spiral, and in the end will keep creating these made up negative thoughts inside your head which in turn will affect your mental health. Instead, follow accounts that make you feel happy and positive.

2. You are the best version of yourself. Okay, so we’ve been watching the show Superstore on Netflix and heard this one there, but it totally makes sense. We can’t be anybody else, and that means we can only be our best self. You are you, and that’s special enough.

Image by Alexas Fotos

3. Live in the present. Okay, so this sounds rather cliché, but it’s true. We spend far too many hours wishing our lives away on what we want in the future, without really taking in what we’re doing now. Enjoy that mouthful of food or the conversation with your partner – appreciate what you have.

4. Which leads us onto number four – appreciate what you have. It can be hard not to want things – that dream job, a new phone, a ton of friends – but it’s easy to lose sight of what we already have. Who needs twenty friends if you have one or two amazing friends? The phone works perfectly fine, it just may not be the latest model. The dream job is the goal, but don’t let it make you forget where you are now.

5. Exercise and keep active. This is an obvious one! Not only does it keep you fit, but your mind and body will appreciate the extra endorphins and positive energy. It’s true, getting yourself moving really does help the mind. That doesn’t mean joining the gym or doing some lengthy workout – a walk, running or joining an online dance class will all be beneficial.

Image by Engin Akyurt

6. Start a new hobby or job. Some people grimace at the word ‘hobby’, but learning something new can really challenge the mind and keep you focused. Not only that, why not turn it into a job? You can sell on a site like Etsy and make money from something you love. Win win.

7. Stop telling yourself about all the parts of your body you hate. Tell yourself why you love your body instead, and yes, that means all of it. Okay, so there are gonna be things you dislike about it, but why? Try and turn those thoughts into positives, and learn to tell yourself these thing every day. We all have wobbly bits – some people hide them better, think Instagram – so learn to love them because you’ll notice that people don’t pick up on it like you do.

8. Keep in touch with friends and family on a regular basis. Sometimes at our lowest points, talking to those we love can be just what we need to face the day. Having a laugh, discussing something that’s on your mind or just saying hi can all have an impact on our mental health. At the moment it can be difficult to do, but a phone call or a video chat can be just as rewarding mentally as a face-to-face conversation. Go on, give somebody a call!

Main image by Logra studio


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