Looking back at the things you used to do or wear can really give you the nostalgic feels. Take cycle shorts for instance, ya know, the ones sold at places like New Look, not actual cycle stores. Kids in the 90s were wearing them, now they’re a summer staple. We take a look at some items that were big in the 90s and are still around today.

Image and Charms by FayelonHandmade on Etsy

There was a time when piercing your nails was a thing, and it still seems to be around – though nowhere near as popular as it once was. If you tried it, the trick was to have strong enough nails to pierce through in the first place, though fake nails work too. It can look so cute to have a charm hanging from your nail, which sounds odd. It is odd. But if you wanna try it, look here.

Image: Amazon

First loved in 1997, the Tamagotchi was something every kid wanted, or at least it felt like it. A digital ‘pet’ that you played with, cleaned its poop and gave medicine to, it began as an egg and went through the stages of child to adult. Obviously after a while it became annoying, because you didn’t want to keep interacting with it when you were busy, but nevertheless, it holds so much nostalgia and you can still buy them. You’re going to ‘add one to basket’ aren’t you?

Image and Product by Candy Goblins

If you don’t want to get back into the circle of flushing away virtual poop, but loved doing so as a kid, then why not wear a pair of earrings inspired by the Tamagotchi. We love these by Candy Goblins!

Image: Amazon

Sea-Monkeys (a hybrid breed of brine shrimp called Artemia NYOS) were a novelty item to have as a 90s kid, and was handy for those who weren’t allowed a dog or even a fish aquarium, which can be expensive to keep. Classed as an ‘instant life’ pet, because once added to water they (hopefully) hatch, sea-monkeys can grow and re-produce in the little tank. Also, just to add to the novelty aspect of them, they were always in toy sections of shops.

They were developed in 1957 in the USA by a man called Harold von Braunhut. Why? No idea. But if you fancy looking after a tank full of them, you can still buy a starter kit.

Image: Amazon

Can you remember trying to impress your friends with a ‘walk the dog’ whilst swapping Spice Girls collectable photos? Everybody in school had a light-up yo-yo which were, annoyingly as a youngster, also easy to break. They were really fun and gave us many hours of fun…. until the craze came and went, of course.


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