There’s nothing wrong with getting fit or finding people on social media to inspire you, but what is the problem, is when it starts to affect your mindset and make you feel guilty for not shaping up to a particular standard. Plus, quotes can be a little cheesy, so we’re here to remind you of them…

Quitting. Giving up. It’s all the same. Rather than being made to feel like you’ve failed, sometimes things just don’t work out. Maybe you tried going to the gym at 6am and it hasn’t felt right. So what? Find a different way of keeping active without having to force yourself to do something that has become a chore. We all have reasons to keep fit, but it’s not nice to be guilt-tripped by a silly quote to make us feel bad if we stop.

To exercise doesn’t make you a bad ass and to not exercise doesn’t mean you are lazy. Just because you’re not squatting and doing reps doesn’t mean you aren’t getting exercise – it can come in all different forms. Just going on a long walk with a family member or jumping on your bike to visit a friend (pre-Covid) is exercise. You’re bad ass anyway, girl!

This quote belongs on a slice of bread and grilled until melted. The quote itself is fine – we do keep fit and healthy for ourselves, but when it’s posted on the ‘gram along with a ton of selfies with lots of ‘likes’, it becomes less believable.

Ah, what to say about this one. A lot of the female gym quotes resort to women as being sexual objects, so this isn’t surprising. It is also rubbish. Thank you, next!

We all wobble in places we wish we didn’t, and sometimes we joke about wanting washboard abs, for example, but that doesn’t mean that those who haven’t got a gym membership do not have the right to feel upset about their body. There is such a pressure to look a certain way, but not everyone has the time to fit in an extensive week of cardio, weights, etc. Exercise isn’t always about the way you look, and most importantly should be about staying healthy.

Whereas there are stresses and cheesiness that come with fitness motivational quotes, there are positives – those who genuinely want to do good and see people get outside and be active. Those are the ones worth following, rather than those who just post bad quotes and selfies. In the end, make your own choice, but most of all, stay happy!

Featured image by Ryan McGuire


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