If you managed to get your hands on anything from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing launch back in January – well done you! With everything selling out within a few hours, it was difficult not to run into the ice cold words of ‘sold out’ once you made it through to the final stages of the shopping basket. Sigh.

I purchased the What A Hoot ($12) palette, the item I was hoping to buy. It includes warm nude colours, and its packaging features the sister/brother duo – Blathers and Celeste. Adorable! And just FYI, the shipping took exactly a week, which I thought was brilliant, especially since it was sent from California to the UK.

The travel-sized palette is cute, and comes in a box that is equally just as cute. It also includes a mirror to make applying on-the-go much easier.

The colours appear highly pigmented, but I didn’t get that vibe once I applied the product onto my skin. After looking at the reviews on the website, a number of people think that it has a lot of pigments, so it could just be opinion. Personally I’m comparing a ‘budget’ make-up brand to the likes of my CHANEL and YSL eye shadows, so it’s a little unfair.

‘Meteor Shower’ (furthest left) is not meant to be used on the eyelid, but instead blended into the outta edges. It has a more loose like texture to it, but the colour is wonderful.

I found that you needed to build up the eye shadow for full coverage, and each swipe left a lot of loose ‘dust’ (see below). However, as somebody who doesn’t tend to use palettes, is this normal? I don’t usually find this with single eye shadows.

Overall, it’s a mega cute and collectable item that will look great in my make-up collection. It may not be something I’ll use for all-day wear, but it’ll certainly come out when looking for something fun for a few hours. And anyway, it’s Animal Crossing! What’s not to love?

Did you manage to buy something from this collection?

All of the items were bought by MODAN, and not sent to be reviewed. The opinions expressed in this article are that of the author’sWhat works for them, may not work for you. But it’s always fun giving a new product a go!

All photographs by AJ

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