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Do you ever just sit and watch football and think: ‘Nice hair cut, Aubameyang’, only to remember that we’re currently in ‘lockdown 3.0’ and hair salons and barbershops are closed. Me too.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had a haircut for weeks, let alone the actual fact that hair dressers are not allowed to be open due to Covid-19. Yet, footballers have been supporting fresh buzz cuts, colours and patterns, and I’m sure they don’t have a player per team who just happens to know how to cut hair. I’ll eat my hat if I’m proved wrong (well, I won’t).

By now we should be seeing man buns and shoulder length styles – think Andy Carroll or even the curly waves of Diego Forlán. So what’s going on?

Absolutely no idea! And apparently neither do you:

“I am desperate to get my roots done and have a trim, but I know that isn’t happening any time soon,” said Charlotte, 26, from Liverpool. “When the first lockdown happened, celebrities seemed to embrace DIY hair colour and growing their style out. Now they’re getting their hair done whilst us ‘normal people’ aren’t allowed to.”

Whereas there’s probably a decent explanation to how footballers are getting their mops snipped every week, it still doesn’t make it fair on the rest of us – or for those barbers and hairdressers who are currently unable to work.

Maybe there is a hair dresser per club – but if that’s the case, it’s yet more people to add to the ever growing list of folk who appear at the stadiums during games and behind the scenes. It also shows the changing world of football, as personal style is just as important as football itself, especially when the match is on TV.

Whilst it’s not the worst thing in the world (that could be an opinion), just like Jack Grealish’s shin pads, it’s a subject that needs to be spoken about. Just who is cutting your hair?

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