Image: H&M

Launched on February 18th, Héctor Bellerín, Arsenal’s right back, has collaborated with fashion store H&M to produce a collection conscious about the planet. It focuses on using recycled materials alongside the message: “Live with purpose (to protect our future together).” Bellerín’s only request for being apart of the Edition project was the use of more sustainable materials.

“Making this collection as sustainable as possible was important, because to me there can be no other way,” Bellerín tells H&M. “We should not put our creative freedom or greed first when there are many other ways — even though they might be more difficult or expensive to achieve — that enable us to create the same product. This collection proves that you can make beautiful and meaningful pieces from recycled yarns and materials that have been worn before.”

Image: H&M

Bellerín has shown passion on the pitch as well as off it. The Spaniard has used his credentials as an international footballer to raise awareness about issues that impact humans and the planet, something he thinks other footballers should do because of the platform they have. He told BBC sport, “It’s nice to show what we have – our cars, our watches – but good to send a more meaningful message than ‘look how cool we are’.”

And with that, he became a vegan in 2017 and has worked on several projects and ideas such as planting trees for every Arsenal win for the rest of the 2019/20 football season. He is also in a minority of professional footballers who will openly support LGBTQ+ footballers and fans, with his most recent conversation on the subject appearing on Sky Sports at the end of 2020.

His love for fashion has seen him walking the runway for Louis Vuitton during Paris Fashion Week Mens, and he is regularly spotted at London Fashion Week.

Image: H&M

The collection itself features neutral tones and relaxed fits, emphasising the genderless, comfy, every day wear. With the current pandemic, our fashion choices have changed too, with comfort being picked over substance.

Check out the full range of Edition by Héctor Bellerín here.


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