Image: Kaboom Pics

Working from home since the pandemic began has created a somewhat ‘new normal’ when it comes to our career. Video meetings wearing smart clothes from the waist up is something we can all relate to, but even though we’re getting the work done, how can we stay healthy, productive and disconnect from work in the evening?

As we look forward to a more hopeful year come the summer, being remote in your job may just be something that your boss allows as a more permanent placement. If there is one thing the pandemic has proven, it’s that some jobs can be done out of the office. Here are our top tips of making the most of it:

  • Keep work separate – If possible, work in a dedicated area. An office (usually a guest room) is ideal, as it means that one room is for work, and once you leave that space, you can disconnect from your job. If you don’t have the spare room to dedicate to an office, use a corner of a room. Keeping other rooms as places to eat and relax will help you say goodbye to work once 5pm roles round.
Image: Tumisu
  • Have breaks – This is something you would probably do at the office, but use it to go outside for a walk. The fresh air and movement will be just what you need after sitting at a desk all morning. If you have 5 minutes between a call, try doing a few star jumps or walking to make a cuppa.
  • Dress for the job – You’ve probably heard this one loads, but still getting dressed as if you’re going into work will keep you in the mindset of actually going to work. Then once your day is over you can change into your sweats. Netflix time!
  • Stay hydrated – Whether that’s water or tea, it’ll keep you healthy and your mind ticking along for those important business video calls.
  • Keep to a schedule – it’s easier to get side-tracked if you’re not in the office with colleagues, but writing to-do lists will keep you focused on what you need to achieve each day. It also feels great ticking off that list!
Image: Aleksie
  • Declutter your surroundings – Make sure that the focus is on you when it comes to those important video calls. Having a few pictures and plants is all you need for a nice backdrop to those daily calls.
  • Stay active – Whether it’s yoga, a run or a zumba video, getting up early before the working day starts to get your sweat on will leave you feeling ready to tackle your morning. If you normally get a 3pm slump, instead of reaching for a coffee or a snack, get outside and do a 5 minute exercise.
  • Eat well – What you eat will fuel your day. Instead of snacking on chocolate, swap it up with almonds or carrot sticks. It’s obviously okay to treat yourself to some chocolate, though!
  • Join in with work socials – Okay, they aren’t the same as before, but whether it’s a quiz, a group chat or an activity, do it. It’ll put some fun into work and keep you in the loop with your colleagues.


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