Image: Terri Cnudde

Since having to stay home because of lockdown, it has meant that full coverage make-up hasn’t been on our radar. We have embraced letting our skin breathe, and opted for lighter face products instead of heavy foundations when it comes to Zoom calls.

Not only that, the skincare market grew massively over the extended lockdown, with many people having time to experiment with different products to treat their skin issues. Make-up artist, Joy Adenuga, tells us: “As we are gradually coming out [of lockdown], there’s a lot of apprehension with going back to a full face of make-up.” She believes companies have seen this coming, and so many are bringing out skin tints as an alternative and lightweight option. “These are skin focussed with less coverage than a foundation.”

There’s a lot of apprehension with going back to a full face of make-up


The skin minimalist trend is about letting your skin glow, rather than covering it up. “Basically more skin care, [and] less make-up,” Joy adds. To make the most of this look, you will need a healthy base. It’s about stripping back the skincare routine generally, and feeding it hydrating goodness without stripping essential oils. “Contact a skin specialist for tailor made products. The more you try to self-diagnose the longer the struggle with acne.”

Joy suggests using a tinted moisturiser and to spot conceal any blemishes for a dewy look. So wave goodbye to caked-on, contoured looks, and say hello to a summer fresh face.

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