You might have heard by now, but the trend for heavy make-up and a 12-step beauty routine is fast becoming old news. From heavily curated faces to billions of layers of foundation – unless you’re posing for the ‘gram, embracing your natural self has become the in thing to do this season and at MODAN we love it.

With simplicity in mind, because, I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely worn make-up this past year, I have taken to introducing beauty products such as skin tints to create an effortless look. Time may have been on our side during lockdown, but no make-up has meant the end to hour long make-up applying (we’ve all seen it on YouTube).

Saying that, there is something magical about seeing a well put together face, and as much as a more stripped-back look is all the rage, I won’t stop finding full coverage make-up inspiration on the socials. So you do you.

However, on a more personal note, I’m all for toning down how much foundation I apply and how long it takes me to get ready. I’m not opposed to applying make-up with my fingers either – so long as they’re clean, what’s the problem? Take a look at the products below to find inspiration on easy yet effective make-up this spring.

Image: Glossier

If you’re new to this kind of look, or are afraid about wearing less make-up, then Glossier is a great brand to start with. The Skin Tint (£20) is an easy way to achieve a lightweight coverage that balances out skin tone without covering your skin completely, though it is buildable. All you do is apply it with your fingers post cleanse and moisturising, in upward strokes. You’re done and ready to face the day (or that Zoom call)!

For an alternative, and one that has been raved by many, is the Trinny London BFF Cream (£35) which also includes an SPF30. Similar to the above it can be applied with the hands. Simple.

Image: Huda Beauty/Cultbeauty

You can keep your eyebrow filled in but looking natural, rather than obviously shaped, by using a eyebrow pencil like the Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Microshade Pencil (£15). It can be used without the need of foundation helping to outline the eyebrow, and gives it an edited yet more natural look.

You could also just embrace your natural brows and use a clear gel to tidy them up. Try Barry M Take a Brow Gel (£4.99) for an affordable yet effective way to keep those brows on point.

Everyone who loves mascara has their favourite, so apply away! Whether it’s length or a lift that you’re after, Glossier’s Lash Slick (£14) will give you that every day eye pop. And what’s more, it won’t smudge. Hurrah!

Boots/Honest beauty

And lastly, the lips. There are so many tints and balms out there to choose from, so where to start? With SPF15 and moisturising vitamin E, take a look at the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Lip Care (£5.50). This will be great for the upcoming season, and is an easy twist up tube rather than a pot where if you’re out and about you won’t want to put your dirty hands in.

For an added tint, Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty (£10) do a cute lip balm that will add some colour and keep your mouth moisturised. Bonus!


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