The Nintendo Switch has yet to fully reveal its full hand of games it’s releasing in 2021, with many giant games still in the pipeline, and unannounced games likely waiting to be revealed for the holiday season. That being said, here is our list for the top 5 Nintendo Switch games that have been announced to be released this year so far.


New Pokemon Snap – April 30th
Nintendo surprised many when they announced a sequel for the cult classic Pokemon Snap on the N64. Anyone who dreamed of a sequel allowing you to free roam an open world, taking pictures of your favourite monsters will be left disappointed, however. New Pokemon Snap seems to follow the layout of the previous title very closely, with your character travelling through an environment on rails and taking snaps of Pokemon as you pass them by. The challenge to the game is catching certain shots at particular times, working out how to make Pokemon complete certain actions and poses for that perfect shot and a high score.


Miitopia – May 21st
Miitopia is probably the game on this list with the need of the biggest introduction. Originally released for the Nintendo 3DS, Miitopia is about creating an adventure with a more personal flavour. The legacy of Mii characters from the Nintendo Wii live on, as you literaly star in your own adventure, with different characters being pulled from different Miis. The 3DS version didn’t push big sales numbers for Nintendo, so this remaster is another chance for this quirky and fun game to find a wider audience.


Mario Golf: Super Rush – June 25th
In a break to all of the ports and remasters, Mario Golf is a completely new game for the Nintendo Switch. Whilst the sport of golf can be quite the acquired taste, Mario and friends offer their own twist, making the sport faster and more chaotic. Standard golf is available but so is the new mode speed golf, where all players tee off at the same time and race to get their ball in the hole first. Players will run around the course, and can use moves to interrupt the other players. There is also a fully fledged story mode, where your character will level up and work their way up the golfing ranks.


Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD – July 16th
Following in the footsteps of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword is next in line for the HD treatment. The original was first released on the Nintendo Wii and required the Wii Remote Plus controller in order to work. The controllers 1:1 movement meant the player could accurately slash and strike with Link’s sword. Those motion controls are being kept intact, using the Joycons precise movement to emulate the control scheme of the original. For those who were turned off by Skyward Sword’s motion controls, the HD version boasts an all new traditional move set, assigning the swords accurate movements to the right analogue stick. How well this will work is yet to be seen, but having a choice of control styles means this could be negated by switching between the two styles anyway.


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – TBC
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will take players back to the Sinnoh region, for these remastered versions of the Nintendo DS games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Whilst it was rumoured for a while that they would be remade in the style of the recent Pokémon Let’s Go games, that has turned out not to be the case. Instead, they will share an aesthetic very similar to their original counterparts, and will retain the originals top down perspective, rather than switching to fully 3D environments.

Words by Billy


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