Skincare? Check. But haircare? We’ve got you covered, girl. With our tresses not being quite as fabulous as usual due to lockdown, the news of salons re-opening has been a ‘welcome back’ to many. Even so, the pandemic has probably meant the majority of us aren’t washing our hair as much as we used to. If that’s the case for you, it’s totally understandable if you don’t fancy going back to over washing and using heat appliances every day. Welcome Frank Body‘s new launches – the hair saviours you can pop in your bag as, hopefully, the world turns back to normal.

The brand have become a go-to when it comes to cruelty-free and clean ingredients. Known for their coffee scrubs (they were the original, don’t ya know?), their collections are full of positive reviews. From face, to body, to hair, caffeine has always been their thing. So let’s check out what their latest (non-caffeine) products have in store…

Dry Clean Volume Powder (£14.95) is the new must-have dry shampoo for those who care about the planet. Give it a shake and then tap it on your hand or roots, followed by a scalp massage without the need of an aerosol. No more accidentally getting it into your eyes, either!

To keep hair in tip-top shape, it’s best not to wash it every day. This is where the magic of this powder-based wonder comes in. After a couple of days or three, the natural hair oils seep through, but this product helps to soak up excess oil thanks to rice bran which is rich in vitamin E. It also calms an angry scalp.

Free from heavy metals, the nourishing ingredients also includes silica to deliver nutrients straight to the scalp, and hydrolysed keratin to help build healthy hair to reduce breakage and add shine.

Exfoliating Scalp Serum (£16.95) is the product you never knew you needed. Taking care of the scalp should be a number one priority. Doing so helps to promote healthy hair growth meaning stronger locks.

This vegan water-based serum includes lactic acid to help remove dead skin by breaking it down – so no need for that anti-dandruff shampoo. Prebiotic helps feed your hair with good bacteria, keeping the hair healthy. Along with hydrolyzed soy protein, it adds a double whammy with the prebiotic, strengthening hair and locking in moisture for beautiful locks. Lastly, witch hazel extract soothes an irritated and itchy scalp.

It can be left in the roots all day for a stronger treatment, or massaged on the scalp pre-shampoo and conditioner. Simple!

We spend so much time touching our hair, so taking good care of it – whether we want to look after our scalp or keep a blow dry as long as possible – it’s worth finding the right products for the job. How have you been looking after your hair during lockdown?

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