Problem skin can be a nightmare, with many of us spending thousands of pounds trying to find that ‘miracle’ product that’ll banish the zits away. More often than not, it doesn’t happen, but Carbon Theory have had hundreds of successful reviews by customers claiming their formula has gotten rid of, or at least has controlled, their acne.

Labelled as ‘Anti-breakout skincare for humans’, the hype for Carbon Theory from press and customers alike has been phenomenal. So much so, it has always been tempting to try the ‘viral’ soap bar which the brand are originally known for, just to see how it works. I did of course and you can find that here.

Their most recent edition is the face wash (£8, 200ml), which is the bar of soap in liquid form. With a bottle made 100% from sugarcane, the liquid itself is very runny and you don’t need to use too much – so be aware of this. The smell you get on opening is tea tree which is not surprising. Used as a natural antiseptic, it compliments problem skin by also reducing inflammation.

Other ingredients include activated charcoal to draw out bacteria and excess oil, whilst shea butter keeps skin nourished and moisturised without blocking pores. It also includes salicylic acid which is used in skincare to benefit blemished skin. It promotes the removal of dead skin cells, reduces sebum and helps to break down acne.

Compared to the soap, I prefer the tubed version. Firstly because of the obvious: it’s not messy and with a soap it can be a hassle to store/transport, so a tube is just convenient. So far it hasn’t leaked, which was a worry when I first saw how runny it was(!)

Application is actually enjoyable. It glides onto the skin and gently foams up, whilst the tea tree cools the skin. Once washed off and patted dry, the formula doesn’t leave a film on the skin, something I’m not fond off – but that’s just personal taste. So far, it hasn’t done much except make my skin feel dryer than normal. Maybe this is it getting rid of excess oil and doing its thing? So far it hasn’t gotten rid of any problem areas, but I will perceiver.

Personally, on my own skin this will be too much to use twice a day, so instead I only use it in the evening so it can work its magic overnight. In the morning I use something extremely gentle, whereas I feel the CT face wash strips me of my natural oils. Moisturise well!

The spot paste (£18, 30ml) is something I was excited to try. It’s a direct treatment that is left on the skin full of skin loving goodies. One of them is vitamin A which speeds up the skin’s healing process, zinc oxide to reduce inflammation and balance out pigmentation, silver as an antimicrobial element to try and kill acne causing bacteria, and tea tree oil to act as a natural antiseptic.

For the price, it’s quite a small glass jar, but it’s filled to the brim and a little goes along way so should last a while. On the website it says there are over 50 applications per pot. I’d say that’s believable.

I usually use another brand which works, but leaves that area very dry and irritated. But let me repeat that – it works. I had a couple of painful spots and applied a thick layer as suggested onto them using a cotton bud. I wore it over night and awoke with my spots feeling as angry as ever. I continued to use it and my spots multiplied into more angry and painful spots but now also as a cluster of whiteheads. I ceased use and went back to my old and trusted product.

Now, this may not mean the product hasn’t worked, because it could be a ‘skin purge’, potentially from the vitamin A. The vitamin can be found in topical retinoids to help increase cell turnover, which can result in a skin purge. That means more acne, but it usually means the product is working. So maybe this has happened to me?

Overall, I am carrying on with the Spot Paste to see if there is an end result. Keep checking MODAN’s socials (Insta/Twitter) to find any updates on product reviews.

All of the items were bought by MODAN, and not sent to be reviewedThe opinions expressed in this article are that of the author’sWhat works for them, may not work for you. But it’s always fun giving a new product a go!


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