Whether you choose to remove body hair or not, it’s definitely a personal decision. The idea of waxing at home can be a scary thought, but if done correctly it can minimize the pain. Rosie Khandwala, mobile beauty therapist and founder of Sugar Coated, reveals her tips on painless waxing at home – from prepping to application. We’re all ears!

Prepping the skin beforehand will create the perfect surface for the wax. If you have a barrier of lotions and oils between the skin and the wax, it’ll result in a painful pulling of the waxing strip. Cleansing the area first so the wax can fully adhere to the hair, means an easier and faster process with less “Ow!”.

Wait long enough between waxing. Making sure to let hair grow between waxing ensures the wax can hold onto hair, rather than stubble which is more resistant to being pulled out. The cycle can take around 4-6 weeks, so you have to be patient if waxing is your go-to.

Thinly spread the wax instead of troweling it on. Doing so can help the hairs stick directly to the wax rather than the surrounding skin, and obviously this will create a less painful wax. Nobody has time for skin being pulled by a wax strip!

Using the correct strip pulling technique. The secret to tugging out all the hairs in one go is by the way you use the wax strip. Whilst keeping the skin taught, pull the waxing strip in a quick, parallel movement so the wax can take the hair from the root. This decreases the chance of just snapping the hair apart.

Another way of having an easier and less painful wax is to try sugar wax. Using water and pure sugar syrup, Sugar Coated are a vegan and more climate friendly way to remove unwanted hair. The wax strips are washable, and a tub full of product – which you can microwave into a liquid – lasts for a long time.

Take a look here to see what MODAN thought.

MODAN were originally gifted Sugar Coated but wrote a genuine review of the product. MODAN will always be honest, whether gifted a product or bought by themselves.


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