Even as the weather begins to get warmer, dry lips can become a bit of a problem. The first port of call is to stay hydrated! But, if you like to go one step ahead and care for your lips as part of your daily skincare routine, then you might be interested in creating an easy and safe lip scrub straight from the cupboard.

There are many brands out there who have little pots or sticks of scrubby ingredients to keep your lips smooth, but did you know that you can make something similar yourself with only two ingredients?

Honey and brown sugar – that’s all you need! You may find it quite harsh due to the sugar, so rub it across your lips gently rather than going full force. The ingredients are safe to consume too, though it probably isn’t a good idea health-wise to eat it. That’s a lot of sugar!

The good thing is, you only need to use what is required to get the desired scrubbing effect you want. So, how much of the honey and sugar you mix together will depend on factors such as how scrubby you want it to feel, and how much mixture you want to use at that point. It’s that easy. Let us know how you get on!

Really don’t fancy making your own? There are tons to choose from, such as Burt’s bees Natural Conditioning lip scrub with honey crystals (£6.98), the Coconut Lip Balm which is 100% vegan (£5.99), Barry M’s sugar scrub (£4.99), e.l.f lip exfoliator (£6.46), and the KIKO Milano lip scrub (£5.99).

1 comment on “DIY: A SWEET LIP SCRUB

  1. Exactly what I need right now! Love this! Followed your blog and can’t wait to see your next post! xxx

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