Have you ever drunk a beverage out of a cool looking can and not wanted to get rid of it, even though there is no reason to keep it? If you’re nodding enthusiastically, then you’re going to want to read on…

Whether it’s a can of pop, beer or even wine in a can, you can use it as a plant pot. Yep, you heard that right. Not only does it look interesting, it’s also a great way to reuse a can and save some money on expensive pots.

What will I need?

Thick gardening gloves (if handling a cactus), tin opener, compost, small gravel/pebbles (if not creating a drainage hole), a can and of course, a plant.

Step 1 – can preparation

Using a tin opener, take off the top of the can. This can be recycled as you won’t need it. At this stage you can also add a couple of drainage holes to the bottom of the can, but in this example, I haven’t. Instead I shall be using gravel. See why in next step…

Step 2 – filling the can

Because of not creating drainage holes, fill the base with small stones to help with drainage. Fill the rest of the can with compost. FYI, when using a pot with no drainage, water the cactus less than you normally would.

Step 3 – readying the cactus

Now is the time to pick the cactus out of its shop bought pot, and take off excess mud – but not all. The reason for the thick gloves is to help with handling those sharp spikes!

Step 4 – finally adding the cactus

Using a finger or two, create a deep enough well in the canned compost and add the cactus in. It can take a bit of time to get the cactus in. Once in, add some extra compost to keep it in place. 

You’re done! Now you can marvel at your DIY planter and place it somewhere in the home. 


  1. Valerie Copeland

    Interesting. I’m forwarding this to my daughter Rebecca as she loves growing indoor plants and this idea of using empty drinks cans might interest here. Thank you x



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