Supporting independent businesses is certainly something we should do more of, especially in current circumstances. If you’re still feeling iffy about venturing to your local high street, then the place to seek out unique and wonderful items is Etsy. Have a look at some of these gaming inspired gifts…

Animal Crossing Gulliver earrings by MoonCakePieces (£24)

If you’re a fan of the game and any of the NPC characters, then you’re going to love these Gulliver earrings. They’re certainly more C+ than C-! Actually, scrap that, they’re A+.

Coffee shop Inkling, Submarinecoat (£8)

If you’ve ever played Splatoon, then you’ll know for a fact you won’t see the Inklings working as Baristas in your local coffee shop. This Inkling artwork is all about imagining what they would be doing in their day-to-day life. It’s fun and it’s different!

Assassins Creed scented candle, SoulmadeCandles (£9.99+)

Two things you never thought would come together – Assassins Creed and a scented candle. But does it work? Oh yes!

Stardew Valley, hand crocheted Junimo plush, LittleToyMaker (£35)

Oh, my goodness, the cuteness! Inspired by the forest spirits, this little cutey can sit with you whilst you WFH. 

Minecraft Creeper bath bomb, ELIUKHANDMADE (£3.79)

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a Creeper bath bomb after a full day of work (in the makeshift office in the living room). Ahhh, bliss.

Legend of Zelda, wooden storage box, TalkGeekytoMeuk (£14.99)

Whether you’re looking to store items or create a gift hamper, this statement piece will be the place to do it. 

Mini Nintendo Switch game storage case keychain, MisfitsToyStore (£5.99+)

These are far too cute! The mini cartridge holds a Switch game to keep it protected. The shop also does other console games and DVD case keyrings which look equally just as adorable.

Crash Bandicoot upcycled denim jacket, EarthBoundCult (£43.54)

Wear your gaming inspired clothes in style with this upcycled jacket. It looks pretty cool, too.

Bugsnax inspired Subway sandwich, BeckyDraws (£35)

If you’ve ever played Bugsnax, then this is probably one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen. Made from recycled material, this unique gift will be made to order. 


  1. Becky Armstrong

    Thanks for the shout out for my shop! I’m Becky Draws 🙂 I love making these plushies so much, each one turns out a little different so you are getting your own, one-off Bugsnax.


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