Summer is the season when a full face of make-up is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. All that sweat is sure to help your make-up slide off your face, and nobody wants that!

In a time of feeling a lot more comfortable in our own skin due to not wearing make-up for months, less has certainly become more. We take a look at make-up kits that have chosen the key pieces for you to keep your skin looking glow-y and dewy, without the layers of extra products clogging up those pores.

Milk Makeup have the ultimate summer on-the-glow kit ready and waiting for you – Glossy Glow Kit, £29 [worth £61.50]. A bright orange cute, reusable bag contains minis of the Hydro Grip primer, matte bronzer in ‘Baked’ and the Kush mascara. There is also a full-sized Electric Glossy lip plumper in ‘Charged’. 

Begin with the primer for a smooth base and to help the rest of your make-up stay put, followed by the hydrating mango butter and apricot oil bronzer which blends seamlessly into skin for a natural just caught the sun look. 

Zig-zag the conditioning hemp-derived cannabis seed oil mascara for fluffy, clump free black lashes, and to finish, swipe your lips with the lip plumper – formulated with Sichuan pepper – for a tingly sensation and to give them a smoother appearance.


If that sounds like too much and you’d prefer glow without the bronze, then Glossier is your go-to. Not a kit per say, but you can buy Glossier bundles to help with choosing what goes with what and to save money, hurrah!

If you’re after a dewy, barely done anything look but still want to cover uneven skin tone, then the Boy Brow + Balm Dotcom + Futuredew (£38) set is for you. After cleansing and adding SPF, add the Futuredew with your fingers, a bit like adding moisturiser. It includes fruit extract to brighten skin over time, sugarcane squalene to lock-in moisture and light reflecting minerals gives all skin tones glow all day long.

Next, add Boy Brow directly to brow hairs in short, upward strokes. The soluble collagen helps to condition and strengthen the hair fibers. Lastly, apply a small amount of Balm Dotcom on lips for instant moisture – or anywhere that needs it. You’re done!


On the pricier side and to keep your make-up even more basic (without being basic, duh), CHANEL’s limited edition Les Beiges Sun-Kissed Glow set (£85) includes a cute faux suede travel pouch, a Petit Pinceau Kabuki brush and the Les Beiges Healthy Glow bronzing cream in Soleil Tan Bronze. 

The cream gel-bronzer gives a natural sun-kissed glow to the skin. It uses light reflecting pigments to create a radiant look, with wax and powder textures to give the wearer an effortless application. 

After your skincare routine (which includes an SPF), swirl the Kabuki brush around the inside of the jar to pick up a tiny amount of the bronzing cream, and then apply to targeted areas such as the forehead, temples, nose and chin – basically anywhere the sun will hit. It can also be used to contour the face during a more complex beauty routine!

If you’re after a bit more with this look but want to keep it extra simple, add CHANEL’s Le Gel Sourcils transparent brow gel (£28) to tidy them up and a lip balm for smooth, moisturised lips such as the CHANEL Rouge Coco Baume conditioning lip balm (£32), or for a hint of colour, the Les Beiges lip balm (£32).

This summer, get ready to embrace your natural skin, blemishes and all, for that true body confidence. If you want to embrace it even further, why wear make-up at all? 


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