Sorry, but you’re about to feel really old. Can you remember the 90’s and swapping Spice Girls photos in the playground and begging your parents for an original Furby, only to disown it after a week? Well, you’re about to be reminded.

Image: Etsy – VintageToyRetro

My Beautiful Horses

If you were horse mad, then you certainly collected these. From a magazine to a plethora of toys – horse boxes, different breeds, riding sets – it was truly amazing. At least, that was what you thought as a kid.

Image: Amazon

Alien Egg

Did you, like many, wait and wait for the alien to have a baby alien? Strangely fun and collectable. If you look on Amazon, you can still buy them today.

Image: eBay

Spice Girls merchandise

It was everywhere when the group boomed out of nowhere in the late 90’s. One popular item was the photos that looked like they had been developed from a camera roll. They were glossy, almost 6×4, photographs that you exchanged with friends for ones you didn’t have. 

Image: Amazon


Apparently originally from the Home Alone films, but I first saw one in my local toy shop and wanted it so bad. The reason? I used to borrow my brother’s dictaphone to record myself singing to the likes of S Club 7 and Steps, so I needed my own. It was all going well until I dropped it.

Image: Etsy – CreativeRetroGaming


There’s going to be somebody out there who knows how to use Pogs, but I’m actually sure many of us just collected them, right?

Image: MODAN magazine

The original Furby

Yes, the Furby came back around, but there is still something very nostalgic and special about the original Furby. It was simpler, it was fun, and it had no app to go along with it… then came the baby Furby. Our poor parents!

Image: eBay

Robotic Dog

Probably a Christmas present that wasn’t played with beyond 25thDecember. You controlled the dog and it did tricks and walked… and that was it. 

Image: ghostofthedoll.co.uk/skydancers

Sky Dancers

These were only cool because you pulled the string and they flew up into the air, but that’s literally all they did. 

Image: Etsy – MonGame

Gameboy Color

A Gameboy in colour released in 1998. It was amazing, plus, Pokémon (Red, Blue, Yellow – you name it) looked fantastic at the time on its little screen. 

Image: Etsy – GloryandtheCabinet

Polly Pocket

A mini, but very collectable, doll lived in tiny houses and places. It was so much fun as a kid, but probably seems rather strange now to play with a very tiny figure. 

Image: Etsy – OldschoolVintageToys

Puppies in my Pocket

No real reason for these except they’re puppies and they’re cute. Once again, like most things, they were something to collect.


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