The majority of us own a mobile phone. It has become more than a way to connect with others; we watch videos, take pictures and even play games. So, it comes as no surprise then that nine out of ten millennials prefer to use a mobile device for gaming, rather than a PC – and we sure did grow up with PC gaming!

Terraria (£4.99)

With over 400 baddies to beat, what’s not to like? Delve into the dark expanses of the levels and explore, fighting enemies as you go. You can also construct your own city, sort of Minecraft style. Terraria is for those who love an old-school aesthetic alongside modern capabilities within a game. You’ll also be joining a community, with many Terrarians already out there.

If you like this version, then you might want to invest in an actual copy for your Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Playstation 4.

OXENFREE (Free – in-app purchases)

An emotional, and pretty much haunting, adventure game with a 1980s feel. Centred around teenager Alex, she brings along a group of friends and her step brother to an overnight party on a military island. It’s a thriller that uncovers the dark past of an island.

It’s great for those who want to make character-based decisions and work things out. It also requires attention rather than as a game to kill time.

Mystery Match Village (Free – in-app purchases)

As a 1930s detective, it is your job to find criminals, solve puzzles and restore an English village back to its former glory. Featuring match-3, swap and match to solve puzzles, whilst helping your fellow detectives, Emma and Julian, to find hidden objects in this thrilling mystery game.

It is a great game to pass time, especially in the current situation of queueing – a lot.

Limbo (£4.99)

Limbo is a game that not only has great game play, but it also features incredible artwork. It’s eery and disturbing, yet this award-winning indie game packs a punch with its puzzles and strong narrative.

Thomas Was Alone (£4.99)

Using minimalist game design, you could say this is the exact opposite of all the games above. However, it is no less fun. In fact, this game boasts 100 levels and BAFTA awards, but that isn’t what makes this game loved. Friendship and curiosity of a strange world is at the forefront, with jumping being the main thing you do – and it’s amazing. You will get hooked.


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