With the UK potentially on its way back to some sort of normality, it might mean more of us will now be heading back into work, instead of WFH. The majority of us haven’t been inside the office for over a year now, and have come accustomed to Teams meetings and working in the garden.

That being said, it means back to the daily commute. Let us remind you of all those things you may – or may not be – missing from your early morning journey through London in rush hour…

There is always that one person putting on their make-up

They probably got up late, or maybe they just like applying their make-up on-the-go? One things for sure though, we’ll never know how they expertly apply liquid eyeliner into an on-point flick whilst sat on the Tube. Never! 

Along with the above, there is also…

The person putting on nail varnish, again, weirdly well even though sat on a moving Tube. 

A dog always makes the commute easier

It’ll be sat there, all fluffy, looking at you from within the Tube carriage. It makes getting squashed in between other commuters in a stuffy underground just that little bit easier. 

Image: Tony Sell

Watching people jump into the Tube carriage at the last minute will always make us cringe

And even more so if they only just make it. There is something scary about people trying to squeeze into the carriage at the very last-minute attempting not to get their backpack squashed in the doorway. Plus, it sets off a lot of eye rollers around you.

Spending the summer months trapped underground for half an hour

If you have ever spent the summer in London and commuted by the underground, then you’ll know what a sweaty mess it is. It might have been best to opt for a bicycle or walking, but you only ever think that whilst you’re sat dripping in your seat. Next time!

Trying so hard not to make eye contact with anyone, let alone speak to them

There seems to be this unwritten rule of just avoiding everyone during rush hour. The only time there is a change to the rule is when on a night out because everyone talks to everyone. Odd. Must be the alcohol!

Somebody will always be sat with wet hair

Either tied up or pushed back with a headband. Possibly just finished at the gym, they keep their hair simple post-shower to hopefully dry throughout the morning. 

So, you’ve read these! What do you miss, or ‘miss’, about commuting?


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