MODAN is relatable. It’s the best friend that lifts your spirits and leaves boxes to be a storage solution, rather than a gender stereotype. Its fresh approach to women’s media breaks down the barriers of what women are ‘supposed’ to enjoy and look like. 

Whilst MODAN does discuss topics to do with women’s wellbeing and the problems faced in today’s world, such as having basic human rights, it’s also a place to talk football, gaming, skincare, fashion and make-up.

Women now make up 46% of the gaming market worldwide, which has long been dominated by men. It is still seen as a ‘boys toy’ with the way female characters are portrayed, and how gaming is spoken about in pop culture. We would love to help change that, as well as give female gamers a place to chat gaming.

We believe a woman can enjoy what she wants without being stereotyped – be that watching football and blogging about make-up.

Having been born mid-December 2020, the website is still fairly new. We are always looking for interesting people to work with and products to review. Please do get in touch below, either for more information or to work with us. Press lists welcome!